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Post Farming

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Access to the SGL classifieds is a reward for contributing to the SGL community, it is not a right.

We have set the bar fairly high and have defended this decision a number of times. We want anyone buying through SGL classifieds to be able to look at the person selling, look at the posts they have made on SGL and decide for themself if this is someone that you want to trust your money too.

We believe that 250 posts gives a good indication on the person so that you can be reassured that they aren't going to "do a runner". As with anything in life, there are no guarantees, and you use the SGL classifieds entirely at your own risk. 

Some people don't like the 250 post limit and will "post farm" to get to the post count up to 250. Post Farming has always been against the CoC and has always been listed under the spamming section, but we have had a number of cases recently so thought that we should add a paragraph to the CoC specifically about post farming.

The paragraph from the CoC is shown below. Full CoC here - http://stargazerslou...ode-of-conduct/

Post Farming

If we see an individual posting a large number of short non-specific posts, all in the same day, we will suspect them of post farming to increase their post count and gain early access to the For Sale board. Particularly if we see posts like “Thanks”, “Great image", ’Thank-you for sharing” and similar. Post farming is obvious and harms your credibility so please slow down, take your time and be patient. Post to add value, post to learn, post with thought, consideration and humour.
Usually the mod and admin teams will go through the posts of a member and deduct the post farming post from the members post count, but that is a time consuming thing to do, but for persistent offenders we'll just remove access to the classifieds regardless of the number of posts.
Thanks for taking the time to read this.
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