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DSS problem


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DSS has suddenly started this , when I load light frames and dark frames taken at the same time and settings DSS reports the darks as the wrong size.

If I open them in Raw Digger they both have sizes of 5184x3456 but when imported into DSS it resizes the darks to 3888X2592 then complains it can't process them because they're the wrong size.

Don't think I'm doing anything different to previously.


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Do you take both RAWS and JPEGS?

If not then disregard but check that DSS is actually opening the darks(or lights) as RAW and not jpeg.

I got this and was baffled before I twigged what was happening, it automatically was opening up the darks as the jpeg copies so I just changed it to open RAWs when first copying them into DSS.

If not then I'm not sure.

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Just been checking camera settings and although i took the darks using the Canon utilities timer after taking the lights it seems to have changed the settings.

Just taking some more to try.


Thats fixed it, must be old age  :grin:

Now where did I put the Sanatogen

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