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Comet 15P Finlay

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With all the attention being paid to Lovejoy, I had forgotten about the other comet currently visible in the evening sky, so I took a look at it last night.

1/19/2015 - seeing good - trans fair - obs fair
20x80 Bins
15P Finlay - comet - Much fainter and smaller than Lovejoy, but easily swept up in indicated area - With averted vision, a distinct core, halo and short tail, pointing east, could be discerned - I’m sure it would have appeared more impressive if it had been located in a different area of the sky.  As is, it is located in a portion of the sky that falls within the light dome of Tucson to my west/southwest
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With a clear sky, even with the Moon, it might be worth having a go at this comet tonight. After its outburst going to mag7 on the 16th January it should drop by 0.5mag by the end of the month.

Should be easy to find tonight so I will give it a go. Attached finder chart produced in Stellarium.


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I think I've just picked 15P Finlay up Mark. Just about visible as a small fuzzy star in the 8x50 finder. Looks like a minature and dimmer version of Lovejoy Q2 with my 12" dob. Benefits from some magnification - not huge even at 106x.

Thanks for the heads up and the chart !

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Spent a lot of time looking for it in the wrong position last night, unsuprisingly it failed to show.

I then made a tactical descision to look in the correct part of the sky (call me reckless) and just to the

slightly upper right (Newt view so slightly below left) of the pattern of 4 stars that make up 22 piscium,

I spent about 20 minutes examining what I Thought was a barely discenable faint little smudge.

I ended up Totally convinced that I may possibly have perhaps seen a rumour of a Comet there.

The sky was Icy, and the moon was high and bright making for a milky/low contrast view, so unfortunatey

positively-perhaps was the best I was ever going to get.

At least I could make out the sky, which does not look on tonight at all.

Regards, Mick

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