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Comet Lovejoy, Mono and LRGB

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I had another "go" at comet Lovejoy twp nights ago with the Atik314L as I wanted to get mpre tail from my LP location.  

This is a combination of 15 x 2mins and 5 x 5mins - total time 55mins, Skywatcher ED120

Guided on the comet, so almost an hour in total.


I then combined that image with my DSLR 450D from 15th to produce an LRGB which was 14 x 2mins.

Both images stacked manually in photoshop (as DSS works on stacking comets when it feels like it.



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Thanks every-one.

 I have had similar experiences with DSS. Trevor 

Glad it's not just me.

These were my problems.

I registered the comet in comet mode, but most of the time the "save" icon was greyed out, but I saved using the back up box.  Confirmed all were comet registered, but then the comet stacking box would not appear.  Eventually after re-registering the comet subs several times the comet stacking tab would show up, it would start to stack and then tell me only 1 frame would be stacked.  After faffing around with this loads of times I gave up and stacked manually in photoshop which was actually quite easy.

Any-one else had this experience?


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how do you stack in PS? 

Assuming you guided on the comet, you can just stack the images on top of each other.

I put 2 images A & B  together in layers and adjusted the opacity of the top layer top 50% and then flattened creating a new image AB

Did the same with D&E, F&G, H&I, J&K L&M etc

Then I combined AB with DE to create a further stack (A -E) ,  FG & HI (F -I) , JK & LM (J - M). 

Finally I stacked A - E on top of F - I and flattened and then J - M on top of that.  

So in this example 13 files into 1.  

Hope I explained it OK.


Or you can just keep adding one image at a time on top of the previous stack adjusting the opacity of the upper layer to 50%.  

If you didn't guide on the comet this might not work, unless there is not much movement in the comet, then you might as well stack in the normal way.  


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Well done Carole.

I imaged Lovejoy a while ago through the totally inappropriate MN190. I got the coma and the start of the tail only. The tail has developed since and you have captured it nicely.

In Pixinsight there is a Comet Alignment module. That works very well on well tracked images.

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Thanks Mick.

I am afraid I have never attempted Pixinsight, looks too unintuitive to me even after 4 demonstrations, and since I am well happy with Photoshop I can't see the point in trying to learn it.


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