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Comet C/2014 Q2 Lovejoy 34x120s Canon 5D III Canon 200/2.8L @ f3.5 ISO800

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I finally found 34 consecutive frames without any clouds and managed to get DSS to Stack them ... Sometimes it works Sometimes it doesn't with the same files and same settings - Go Figure that out!!!!

Canon 5DIII with Canon EF 200/2.8L II @ f3.5 thirds point  focused  using FWHM based AF in APT2.67  34x120s ISO800  with 77mm IDAS Filter on NEQ-6 tracking sidereal rate un-guided

Stacked in DeepSkyStacker (Comet mode) post processed in Adobe Ps-CC x64

Quarter Scale....


Comet C-2014 Q2 Lovejoy QS by psmithuk, on Flickr

Half Scale here...


Full Scale here...


Thanks for looking....


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I sacrificed the core in the processing  to show more of the tail...   that 34 of 55 subs so if I can get it to stack the lot there should be even more detail in the tail... but I have had enough of DSS and it's totally unpredictable and manic antics  for tonight


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