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I recently acquired a Denkmeier bino from a friend. After some use I decided I wanted higher magnification than I can get with the 19mm Panoptics and power switch in my C11 so wondered whether a Barlow was the way to go as I don't fancy having to duplicate more EPs. To cut a long story short I contacted Denkmeier at around 3pm this afternoon asking for advice. Within one hour I received the following rather curt response from Russ Lederer:

"Ah. Another query from a second hand purchase;)). I have to say that you are asking me advise on whether to buy a barlow from another company for use with another companys eyepieces in a bino we made but was bought second hand. I understand that the astro community has no idea of the difficulty some companies have faced over the past 7 years but when 95% of emails and calls are on advice for used products, it gets very frustrating for me. How am I to keep a company going? Do people realize this?? I imagine you are a good person who maybe does not think about my end of things of course. I mean to not be offensive, more wondering if people understand the dilemma the used market is creating for tiny niche markets. 
Consider buying our new 2" barlow. It will thread to the 2" nose of the bino. 
It is $129 intro price. See link
Highest quality. By the way, when the world learns of my new invention that requires our D21 eyepieces, they will be selling other brands to buy our D21s and D14s. 
This was followed at about 5 minute intervals by two much more helpful emails. The first explained about Denkmeier dealerships within the UK and his offer of the purchase of Denkmeier kit at cost. The second was to remind me that the power switch already gives 2x magnification and did I really want more.
I was a little upset by his initial response but after some thought accept his response and I am certainly more than pleased with the speed of his replies and his advice.
Anyway, on the strength of the good reviews I have read on various forums about Denkmeier kit and that a 2" Barlow should hold the binos much more stable than a 1.25" Barlow I have placed an order with them. I hope to write a review on receipt of the Barlow.
According to the order confirmation there is no shipping charge.
If anyone is interested, there is much more information about the Barlow on the above link than there is on the website - and I needed to search  for "Barlow" on the Denkmeier website as I couldn't otherwise find it.
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