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Logitech controller

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Good evening,

I was after some help regarding the repair of a Logitech controller. I recently purchased a Logitech dual controller to control my HEQ5 through eqmod. Being the muppet that I am as I was unwrapping it I snipped straight through the USB cable. Fortunately it was only about an inch from the USB plug. I am thinking that this is repairable but was wondering what was the best way to go about it. Do I join the cables back together or open up the socket and re-solder the controller to the  USB plug or open up the controller and attach a new USB cable to the controller?

Many thanks


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Depends on your abilities. I doubt you will be successful opening up the socket as it will be a moulded unit. Best option would be to replace the cable provided you can open up the controller as some modern kit appears to be either glued together or held together with clips which easily break off. The easiest would be to joint the cable - solder the wires, insulate the bare wires with tape then cover with heat shrink tubing.

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Thanks for taking the time to respond. I actually started before you replied so I did cut the USB plug open removed it and managed to solder it all back it, taped it up, functionally tested and it's all working. Pheewww.

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