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Hello from Greater Manchester


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Finally signed up to SGL as I've been reading the site for a couple of days now (equipment reviews ect) thought it best to log in and get involved!

I had a Bresser Messier Newtonian Reflector n-130 gifted to me by a family member and as I've been interested in astronomy since a young age, I decided it was time to make a good go of it. Had the scope out a couple of times over the last month or so, learning how to use it and so forth and so far viewing hasn't been too bad. I do feel that due to me being a novice I'm not getting the best from the scope. Having said that I'm willing to learn and ready to put some cold nights in.

Anyway hello to everybody I'm John, I live in Greater Manchester, I would certainly class myself as a novice but I'm ready to learn!


P.S Excellent Site 

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Welcome, John. See you live under " cloud central " too LOL.

Clear skies - er no !


Yes bit annoying isn't it, if its not the cloud its the light pollution! oh well

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I have very good clear sky tonight I live in the south Walton on Thames. I'm going to try and see Jupiter for the first time tonight any tips on how to get the view has I have try to get this planet before but all I get his just a white dot.

Hi Jason my knowledge is fairly basic to be honest as I'm also just starting out but i have viewed Jupiter.

Personally I use stellarium to find objects in the night sky, its been a big help to me over the years to locate planets, nebular & stars. 

i would also say leaving the telescope outside for a bit helps especially if its been kept in a warm house.

Once I have a general idea of where the object is i will try and locate it in my finder scope, from there i would use a 25mm eye piece to get a better view.  then move up to a 10-15mm depending on what you have. 

Unfortunately I haven't come across a dynasun 76x700 so i know nothing about it, I'm sure there are plenty of more experience members on here who could help you with that. What i would say tho is a lot comes down to trail and error but i would definitely recommend using stellarium.

good look and i hope you get your view of Jupiter 

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