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Looking to buy a set of 10x50 bins for about £100.


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Long story short.......................

A couple of weeks ago i gave away my trusty Bresser 10x50 bins to a worthy cause. I miss them. I want to replace them. I really dont want to spend too much on them as they really only will be work horse bins for casual observing. I have a pair of Strathspey 20x90, but i do still want a trusty set of 10x50's.

Are these any good?:


I just pulled the trigger on them. Nothing fancy but i do like my 20x90 Strathspeys and John is a top bloke to deal with. 

Consider them my Christmas gift to myself and i have saved a bit of cash over the last couple of weeks since given up smoking.

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I bought a pair of Pentax 8x40 PCF WP II a few weeks ago and they are excellent. If you are willing to take the risk on Ebay (as I did) you will get a new pair of the 10x50s for about £140. I got the 8x40s new for £89.

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They seem very good value. How are you finding them?

 My first session i saw comet Lovejoy. Tonight i saw the Moon and it was brilliant.

These are the 2nd pair of Stratspey bins i own (20x90 being the first) and i cant fault them. 

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