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Extremely competitive, No nonsense, no quibble service.

Manfrotto tripod bought, at one of the most competitive prices around, as a bino mount. Arrived fast. Incredibly, after ordering I was given a second hand one, so phoned calumet to see if it was possible to return (I assumed I's need to, and was happy to, pay a restocking fee, but didn't need to).

At this point, I was inside the 14 day period, but the chap seemed to think it didn't really matter as I'd not opened the packaging. I initially happily agreed to pay for their courier to collect, but couldn't guarantee I'd be at home for the courier, so he said just arrange to send it back myself.

Then followed a gap. I finally got around to returning (after using their online return process) a whole month after taking delivery (travel, work, Christmas etc) . As it happens, Calumet kindly arranged their courier to collected (£12) as I was at home the next day. Calumet customer service was quite a pleasure to deal with and I'm glad I found this company as I'm sure I'll find a good reason to spend the money now burning a hole in my pocket...

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