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A bit more Love n joy


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I note that your image is a 1hr exposure.  Does the comet stay in the same position for that period?

I tried imaging it last night and within a space of less than half an hour I managed to get two comets when stacked in DSS.

I must be doing something wrong :(

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By the way, that photo looks awesome!

Thanks! Yeah I had lots of issues with dss, I think that's normal with comets!?

I used the mount for tracking, no guiding this time. The images from dss all had star trails (as that's the best I could get, I think love joy moves too fast to obtain otherwise!?) which I used PS to remove and then I added a single sub of 60seconds to give the stationary stars for the background.

Hope that helps/makes sense!?

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I guided my subs (2 mins for what it was worth) and I think that DSS has stacked the stars rather than the comet.

I might have another try when the comet gets nearer the sun and develops more of a tail.

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