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Olympus 8X40 DPS I Binoculars


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I have been reading up on binoculars recently and decided to get a smaller pair than my Bresser 10x50's.

I decided on the Olympus 8X40 DPS I Binoculars .

I just could not hold my 10X50's steady enough.

I must say that the Olympus 8X40's seem very good quality both optically and in construction.

They are (to me) a pleasure to use just scanning the night sky with their 8.2 degs FOV. 

Had no problem finding c/2014 Q2 Lovejoy last night.

They seem a good price at the moment at just over £46 from Amazon


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I also went through the crazy chase of checking specifications to replace my very old Bresser Hunter 7x50s.

A few Years ago I owned the Helios 20x80 'stellar' but they were very heavy for night work without support, but preferred them for daylight work at the time. ( They were bought on impulse as they were mis-priced in the shop?) They sold on ( at a profit ) and were  later replaced with some 15x70s from Revelation. Again on price alone, great value, but from my point of view, not recommended?  I don't see any details with these on the surface of Jupiter.  These  again are  mainly resigned to daylight work.

I've been studying many brands in the 10x50 bracket, and still undecided as to what to buy. This process is still ongoing. I tried the Nikon Extreme, but they were not at all comfortable, looked like rejects or cloned??

last Year First Light Optics sold their Helios Naturesport 8x40 WA for a silly price, so I bought them. Their fantastic (for my eyes)  and I have prescriptions, but not used with the telescope or binoculars but give me a really nice 8+°fov

I now favour wide angle low powered binoculars aside my telescope as they are comfortable to hold, have nice bright images and the wide views they offer. I still need some 10x50 general purpose hard wearing  water proofed, the search goes on. 

My top three  brands now  include Oberwerk, Pentax, Strathspey?

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