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Rosette Nebula with unmodified DSLR


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Last week my wife was looking over my shoulder as I read this forum and she noticed a lovely image of the rosette nebula. "That one's nice, why don't you try that one next". I figured why not, I have done the trinity of beginners images (M31, M42, M45), so i decided to have a go.

I knew that it was going to be a challenge with an unmodified DSLR with no light polution filters, so I was only expecting the faintest shadow of the nebula. I was also running the mount via EQMOD, rather than the handset ffor the first time, so I was expecting to run into lots of problems. However it all went really smoothly, and the guiding was a lot smoother so I was able to play with 900s exposures after getting a dozen 600s ones. I was amazed how much detail there was in it given that the individual frames looked uniformly orangey/white with only the centre stars really visible.

I have only given it a quick stack and stretch in PixInsight, I need to read up on how to bring out some of the detail in the nebulosity without making the starfield's background look artificial and pixilated.

I am definitely going to try to get some more data to add to this in the future to try and bring out some of the details.

Lights: 11x600s, 5x900s

Darks: 10x600s

Flats: 17

Bias: 330


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I have spent the weekend reading up on how to bring out detail and reduce the impact of stars. As a result I have uploaded a revised copy that I am really pleased with.

Of course this means I am going to have to go back and reprocess all of my other images as well :)


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