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+1 to Swarovski Optik: astro with Habicht 10x25B


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Swarovski have just repaired my ageing pair of Swarovski Habicht 10x25B, under their 30 year warranty.

WOW, the views through them are almost good as the day I bought them about 15 years ago; they're amongst the most amazing instruments I've ever put my eye to. When I bought them, I spent a long time comparing their equivalent from Leica, Nikon and others, before deciding that these had the edge and paying what, then, seemed the huge sum (to me) of £350 (if I recall correctly).... They're £650 when bought new now. ... with hindsight, that was fantastic value; they've trustily accompanied me around much of Europe and quite a bit further, including the Himalaya (oh, how I wish, with hindsight, I star-gazed so avidly then!).

I believe that Swarovski Optik (not to be confused with their crystal-ware division) simply took them apart, replaced a few components, including eye-cups and thoroughly cleaned their innards before screwing them all up tight so they have that nice new feel again. Not only that, but they also sent them back in a beautiful new carry pouch. Unfortunately, the one downside is that sustained scuffing to one objective lens whilst there, but they're still close enough to as good as new to make me happy.

So, astro with a 25mm objective. Well, the last time I used them for astro, it was showing someone the Orion Nebula, Jupiter and her moons, plus our moon, from the Czech Republic. All surprisingly clear, contrasty and resolvable.

And that, my friends, is the joy of these little things - they can always be in your pocket or bag, unlike a hefty (albeit undoubtedly more suitable) pair of Helios 15x70s.

For something with only a 25mm objective lens, they seem to somehow soak up photons and the quality of the views never ceases to amaze me.

Thank you Swarovski.

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Tonight, before, during and after sessions with the Helios 15x70 and ETX125, these little binos were used to spot, find & enjoy Venus, Mercury, Mars, Comet Lovejoy (great colour, good shape), Pleiades, Kemble's cascade, Jupiter & 4 moons (!), Orion Nebula (only a hint of nebulosity, rather than an amazingly deep view, plus general star wandering including clusters in Perseus. The amazing thing is the star colours, which they seem to show better than the more 'appropriate' instruments do.

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The good thing about small binos is that you can be out and about in seconds. Also, the large FOV is nothing to joke about vis a vis larger instruments.

It doesn't matter that you only get a hint of nebulosity here, or a much smaller image scale and resolution there.

In my case, seeing the same objects with a smaller aperture makes my brain and eyes work hard to try to tease out as much detail as possible (always avoiding averted imagination of course).

Enjoy the binoculars and be glad for having such a high quality grab and go instrument!

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Don't get used to the level of service Swarovski gives, and expect it elsewhere!

Unfortunately they are nearly unique in the optics world for quality of product and aftercare.

Leica and Nikon please take note!

Brilliant little bins you have there. And the best bins are the ones that you carry. Have fun!!

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