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Finally seen Lovejoy

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Managed to get the trusty old ST102 out on the Vixen Porta II while there was a gap in the clouds. was very windy but thought i best have another go at finding it seeing as i failed miserably at the weekend.

Anyway, i pointed the scope in an area where i thought it would be and thought i had seen something like a very faint fuzzy star with my naked eye.

Had a bit of a pan around with the bog standard 20mm eyepiece that came with the scope several years ago and sure enough there it was.

I wouldn't call it mind blowing but still a good sight to see, especially when you know it isn't usually there. lol

I also had a look with a 32mm Revelation eyepiece and found the views very pleasing with this also, very low power in the ST102 but somehow the comet looked better imho.

Had a very quick look with my Celestron X-cel  lx 9mm, which imo is a great eyepiece and the image was still good but obviously dimmer.

Certainly glad i got out and made the effort as it is raining outside now and has become even more windy. lol

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Good report, I've not managed to catch this through my scope yet due to my shifts and the weather, I got a glimpse with my binoculars on 2 nights between the clouds but its just whetted my appetite to get some better views through my scope.

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Only got it the Bins sadly as my mount is broken :(

Other way round for me... I was hoping to have a look through my bins, but they've taken a knock and the collimation is all over the place, so I finally got to see it through the scope on Friday night.  I was surprised that I could see it fairly clearly through my stock finder as well...

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Had another look tonight. This time i used the Mak. I am pretty sure i could make out the faintest hint of the tail. Certainly one side of the comet looked fuzzier and sort of smudged in the eyepiece whereas the other side didn't if that makes sense. The best view was with a 32mm revelation eyepiece which only gives approx 47x mag, i have also found the same eyepiece gives great views of some other objects in the Mak too.

After LJ i checked out M31, M42, Jupiter and also looked at the double star Mizor???. Not bad for an hour and a half. 

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