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Tracking with an EQ2 mount?

ciels noirs

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Hi all,

So, my telescope is a Visionary Mira Ceti (6" reflector) on an EQ2 mount.

I'm very new to the concept of tracking objects in the sky with a telescope and bought my scope before I really knew what was involved in astrophotography.

Am I right in thinking that the EQ2 mount is not suitable/does not allow for motor tracking of objects?

I'll still enjoy observing with my scope even if it isn't feasible to use it for astrophotography, of course, but will one day want to upgrade so that I can have a go at producing my own images.

Also, could anybody advise whether my Mira Ceti scope would be compatible on a different mount?

If I only have to upgrade my mount and not the scope too it might save me a few pennies when the time comes :)

Sorry if these are basic questions, I have a steep learning curve to climb! :)


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The EQ2 can take a single RA motor and that will "track".

The problem is tha tthe EQ2 cannot take a polar scope so you cannot polar align the mount very well so the tracking is not accurate.

Your 6" is likely too heavy for the EQ2 mount.

I would not be sure that an EQ3-2 is really solid enough fopr a 6" reflector so you could be looking at an EQ5.

To fit on another mount you should not really need anything as the EQ2, 3-2 and 5 are all Skywatcher so the mounting dovetail (bar) should be the same. However like everything "should" is not a 100% guarantee.

Just read astrophotography, you will need the EQ5 at least, and dual motors.

If you expect to expand then you could well need the HEQ5 at some future time.

Goto on the EQ5 or HEQ5 is likely to be necessary sooner or later.

The decision is therefore what to get now taking into account future possibilities.

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Thanks ronin, that was really helpful. I'll probably just wait until I upgrade to an EQ5 or HEQ5 before I consider tracking DSOs or anything that'll need more accuracy than my mount can manage.

Happy-kat, yeah I've been giving prime-focus photography a go and have tried a little bit of lunar photography, but my shots aren't as sharp as I'd like. Practice makes perfect I suppose :)

Thanks for the help.


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Sharpness I am finding is greatly influenced by did I get focus or did the mount wobble or both. If using your camera on the eq2 you don't need to extend the legs which will help with stability also filling the legs with sand I have read adds stability. If you keep your eyes peeled you may find a good deal on a second hand mount you are after.

Oh use a remote camera release or at least use the timer feature.

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