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Dimensions of the glass cell in a 2" filter?


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Can anybody confirm the dimensions of the glass cell within a 2" filter? Preferably a 2" Baader 7nm Hα filter since the cell is removable (but any should do). Or can someone measure it for me if they have one?

There is a drawing from Astronomik here...


...but it is not clear to me what is metal, glass, thread, retaining ring or air...The aperture is maximum 44mm. The glass looks like 0.6mm thick and 46mm in diameter, yet all their blurb says 1mm thick...it is 2.2mm from the front of the filter holder to the centre of the filter glass cell...if not, these people need to produce less ambiguous drawings :p

Thanks in advance!

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Nobody's got a 2" filter and a vernier then  :shocked: 

All I need is the diameter of the exposed glass of the filter (aperture)...you don't have to dismount it or anything...even a ruler will work if you haven't got a vernier.

If you can interpret the above diagram looking at a filter I'd appreciate that more...but the diameter of the glass will do for now...

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