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baader hyperion zoom mark iii


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Just got the Baader Hyperion Zoom Mark iii - great piece of kit  (cheers Arnre).

I am wondering about the set up on my 200P:

1. If I use this with the 1.25" barrel and the stock focuser then the little barrel head screws used to secure the EP in the focuser are tight against the flange of the EP.   This means they are difficult to tighten - even with my boney fingers :huh:

2. Alternatively I can use the 2" barrel on the focuser with the 2" attachment on the EP.   This works nicely.  The only thing is that I was hoping to be able to use my 1.25" filters.   The modification of the EP from 1.25" to 2" involves removing the flange ring which also houses the threaded aperture for the 1.25" filters.   Is there another ring I can get that I can fit to the EP to allow attachment of 1.25" filters?

3. Do any of you wise and wonderful guys & gals out there use the dedicated Baader Barlow with this EP.  I know it comes with a few rings and things - does one of them do the job described by #2 above?

Please note - this is not a test :laugh:

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Cound you put some longer nylon screws into the 1.25" drawtube to replace the steel ones ?

That way i) the nylon screw heads project beyond the body of the zoom eyepiece and ii) they won't damage the eyepiece barrel.

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Thanks Guys

I will investigate these if I can't work out how to utilize the 2" housing / 1.25" filter scenario.

I wonder what diameter the shank of those screws is :unsure:

An slim O ring would also be good but I'd want to leave a good length of the EP inside the housing to make sure it doesn't fall out!

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You can get rings called par-focalisation rings which go around the barrel of the eyepiece and are locked in place with a hex screw. They are usually made of alloy and, placed right at the top of the barrel, would lift your eyepiece about 4mm-5mm which might clear the set screws.

There are some for sale on the Astroboot website for just a couple of quid each:


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Thanks John :icon_salut:

I had a look & am sure one of these would do the job :smiley:

I'm still keen to use the 2" barrel - I'm also pretty sure that the "A Hyperion Barlow 1.25" adaptor", which is the middle piece that comes with the Hyperion Barlow, can be used to fit 1.25" filters on to the snout of the  Hyperion zoom whilst in 2" mode.

Thinking of getting one of these anyway...

Will make enquiries....

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