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eyepieces for celestron 130 eq


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I have read in several threads and publications about varying eyepieces for this telescope. As a beginner a bit of advice would be most welcome especially around barlow lenses and matching eyepieces . Thanks

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Not exactly simple to supply a specific answer:

What do you intend/expect to spend per eye piece?

How many do you want.

Do you wear glasses.

Scope specification - think the 130 is f/6.9.

Do you intend to get a better scope in the near future.

If the idea is to stick with the 130 and not go overboard then really GSO plossls are a fair option, about £25 each maybe £30. Vixen NPL plossls are another at £35.

If you wear glasses then plossls are a bit troublesome at lower focal lengths as they have limited eye relief.

With reasonable eye relief are the BST Starguiders adn the Celestron X-Cels at £49 and £59.

Above that in cost the sky's the limit, can go to around £500 for an eyepiece.

You may want to consider a zoom eye piece.

Initial cost is more, £80-85 I think, but they fill multiple roles.

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Hi, I think Ronin's comments are pretty well bang on. Skywatcher do a 130/900 thats an f6.9 but the Celestron 130EQ is an F5 scope. That makes it harder on cheaper eyepieces but I found, with my 130EQ that moving up to even modest plossl EP was quite an improvement. The GSO plossl and the Vixen NPL are better than the Skywatcher plossls and worth paying that little extra.

I bought a  SW  9mm SWA  EP to get a higher magnification with reasonable eye relief (at a reasonable/cheaper price) but although it is reasonable used with my F12.7 Mak its not good at F5, so I would avoid such temptations!

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Thanks for the replies it's a first scope so will be sticking with it for a while. I wear glasses so happy at paying a bit extra cost re the Starguiders / Celestron X-Cels and the Zoom eye piece may well be a good start.

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Im also new to this, just got my first telescope, so i understand how confussing this can be.

i got a few bst starguider explorers, they recieve a lot of good views on here. I am really pleased with them. if you contact alan directly at skys the limit you may be able to negotiate on price especially when bought together.

As already mentioned gso plossl are meant to be really good value and hold there own in that field. i have not used them but the reviews on here tend to be positive. Ive no idea how much you want to spend and a lot of people with more experience in this field than me dont recommend this route, but telescope house are offering their revelation ( i am lead to believe these are or made by gso) eyepiece and filter set for 100. It has 5 plossl eyepieces, 5 filters and a x2 barlow.

but as i said earlier, there is a lot more advice on here from more experienced people in this field.

Good luck


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