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My new toy :)

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Nice scope :smiley:

You can add a new one to the thread in a new post. You can't edit the original post to add another photo though. Sorry about that.

I being a little slow John, I can't see an option for that. Is it a limit as I'm new?

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From room temperature I think the 11" SCT's can take 60-90 minutes. You might get away with some low power viewing earlier than that but the air currents in the tube mess the image up a bit for higher powered viewing.

Do you have some dew prevention gear for the scope ? - you are likely to need it !

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Thanks John. I have got a dew shield, but no heaters.

I'll have to place an order. The last thing I want is clear skies and a fogged up scope!

The dew shield may be enough but on heavy dew nights heated dew bands and the dew shield are sometimes needed. SCT's are dew magnets !

Don't be too dissapointed if the conditions won't support the 8mm or 5mm Hyperions. They give 350x and 560x respectively which is a tall order on most nights with any scope !

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