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Horsehead with Modded 100d


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Saturday (10th) saw the second use of my newly modded DSLR, this time the Horsehead Nebula, a DSO that had had previously been out of reach for me! Was on cloud nine with the initial results.

Anyway, would like to improve further so all comments welcome.


SW200PDS on HEQ5 Pro

Finder/guider with QHY5

PHD 2 guided (on-camera)

APT running modded Canon 100d with Astronomik CLS CCD clip-in filter.

15 x 500s @ ISO400

Stacked DSS

Levels and crop in PS CS3


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This is a very good result. You need to pay attention to the collimation and how the DSLR is sitting relative to the optical axis but other than this it is cracking image.


 Do you think the scope needs collimation? How do you tell? I have fallen foul of not ensuring the camera is sitting square and try to remember to look for it, especially if I have removed it.

Astonishing detail! How is light pollution in your location? I see you have used really long subs.

The light pollution is not too bad. I'm in a village 6 miles from Cambridge. However, the clip filter has certainly helped. The sub length was just a guess really. I'd like to do longer to try get some more detail out of  the dust etc but realise that the stars are already blown out. I wonder if it is viable to combine some shorter subs just for the stars but suspect this may be difficult. Any advice would be great.


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