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Comet lovejoy with achro

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SW 120 F5 achro on an HEQ5 unguided mount. 40 x 90 secs exposures. Tried the clever bit in DSS to get stars and the comet but failed miserably. Have to accept a comet and trails instead. Blue halos show up a bit but pleased with the detail. Trevor


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Lovely colour.

I have just been using the comet feature and first I registered all the images and then I had to save the comet position on each light separately before I stacked to then get the comet tab on the stacking dialog with the three options.

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Thanks for the comments. I followed the instructions found on the web but all went well until it was building the final image . It got to 1 second left and then it froze. Tried different settings with the same result and finally accepted the trails above. Perhaps another go if I can find out what went wrong. Trevor

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