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C/2014 Q2 Lovejoy 3.5 hour tail animation 10 Jan 2015

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Last night (Saturday) I captured 3.5 hours of data and turned it into an animation:


You probably need to select the "Download" option in order to play it.

Here is a single frame to give a preview of size and quality:


In the first half the very thin high level cloud makes the tail a bit less distinct and also causes changes the apparent brightness of the comet coma. However there is enough detail to show fascinating changes in the tail structure.  Again I wonder if this is caused by rotation of the comet body.

Technical details:  Canon 350D on Takahashi Epsilon 180ED.  192 exposures of 60 seconds each at ISO 400.  This has been turned into a 62 frame animation by performing a running average of 7 frames i.e. each video frame is 7 minutes of data.



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