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Flu Bug puts observing on hold

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I was hoping to get outside with Orry last night, but I have been doing nothing but sneezing and feeling shivery all day and seem to have caught the flue bug, I just can't seem to keep warm. I decided to go to bed with a hot toddy and try and keep warm. Spent some of the day looking through a few astronomy books and found the enthusiasm to book our first holiday for this year. We decided on trying a boating holiday on the Norfolk Broads, something both Wendy and I have talked about. Anyway, I still have my sea legs from my time in the RN, something that always stays with you, so we are all booked up for a week in mid April. As we will be going to an area of reasonable dark skies, we were thinking of taking Orry with us as well, for a bit of observing when we are moored up during the evenings. We will definitely be taking both pairs of our binoculars with us anyway, as we both enjoy viewing wildlife as well as using them for the night sky. 

But I'm afraid for the next week or so at least, I don't think I will be spending any cold nights outside, until I feel up to it again. I was hoping to start my article "The Story & Adventures Of Orry" but until I can make a proper start on observing again, Orry will have to be content with staying indoors for a bit longer. He is a little disappointed, and threw his dummy out of his pram. When we told him he might be going on a boating holiday, he seemed very happy.

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