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Finder scope on Skywatcher Skyliner 200P

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Hi all,

Yesterday got my first scope, a Skywatcher Skyliner 200P Dob, and had a great time last night with some amazing views!

However, I found its straight-through finder scope really hard to use, especially for looking at things higher in the sky. The position required to look through it seems to put a massive strain on neck and back, and I couldn't do it for more than a few seconds at a time. Am I doing it wrong? Should I be getting a Telrad or RACI finder scope? I don't really know much about the various types.


-- Matt

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A RACI will help as you will not be craning your neck but some people find them less intuitive to use - it comes with practice.  A red dot may help but you may also have the same issues as you need to be looking from behind it.  I don't use dobs so maybe another 200 user can say how well a Telrad may work for you.

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Using both eyes open when viewing through the 9x50 gives a clearer and easier way to find your subject.

Sitting allows me to get to the finder scope easier, but I still have to cuddle the scope to get into position. But observing my Zenith is still a neck twister, but nothing I can't cope with.

I have a Telrad finder, that sits the far side of the finder scope, so even further to reach, although you can fit a 'riser' base if that helps ( and I need to wears glasses to use the Telrad? )

Raising the telescope of the ground, like on a water butt stand, gives you more height to reach the finder-scope. 

Buying a RACI ( Right Angled Corrected Image) 9x50 finder scope alleviates the need to stretch ?

cant offer any more advice!

From my garden the 9x50 and reticule works well, with light pollution. From a dark site, I cant see the reticule, I  then use the  Telrad 

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+ for RACI.

Been through this on a previous thread I launched because I, too, suffer with back and neck problems.

As usual, the Loungers gave me the Right And Correct Information to go for the RACI (or Telrad or Rigel).

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I would also suggest using a WBS (water butt stand) to raise your Dob about 30cm higher. The straight through finderscope is much more acceptable then, and you've got some protection for the (essentially chipboard) base from any moisture underfoot http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/205732-my-sw-skyliner-200p-additions-and-modifications/.

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I use a Rigel Quickfinder, http://www.firstlightoptics.com/finders/rigel-quikfinder-compact-reflex-sight.html works the same as

a Telrad, best and most useful thing I have bought, it's much lighter than a Telrad,

and sits higher, whichever you get it takes the strain from you back.

commonly repeated myth about Rigel being higher than Telrad...

the difference is negligible:


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No need to stretch or lean over with a RACI, you just turn the finder towards you to what ever angle suits you best and it has the added advantage of still giving some magnification if like me you're short-sighted.

But as always, each to their own, you'll have to decide for yourself which one you think will suit you best.

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In my 8" dob I have a simple red dot finder, a straight 8x50 finder, and a Telrad, but most of the times I only use the red dot. The advantage of the red dot is that its base occupy almost no space, so I can fit it between the straight finder and the focuser, as Bambuko with the Rigel. In my opinion this is a very good setup.

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