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Celestron StarSense Help

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Hi all,

I've recently bought the Celestron StarSense accessory for my 8SE... I've had it outside this evening before running inside, creating this account and posting to see if anyone is able to help?

I'm fairly certain I've done the set-up correctly in terms of index marks on the mount, lat, long, time, date, etc. However, when the scope is scanning the sky during the StarSense alignment procedure the OTA tries to flip and invert. Obviously this isn't ideal as there's not enough clearing for the OTA to flip on the mount (plus it means the eye-piece will be upside down), so it kinda just gets stuck on the base. I've had a look at the manual that came with StarSense and thought maybe it was an issue with the GoTo Approach or Slew Limits, though I'm not quite sure I know enough about it to properly solve the problem - hence me posting.

Am I just being an idiot? - Have I set my scope up wrong to begin with and StarSense isn't the problem but me? Can anyone offer advice?

Thanks and all the best,


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Welcome to SGL

Are you running the 8SE off a power pack? I found with the 6SE when on batteries and then the battery power droping the set up had a mind of its own.

Where you set up is there a clear view of the sky? I have found that Star Sense needs this, if it doe not have one it goes hunting....

Alternatively have you tried the manual set up?

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Do you have the latest firmware?

Join 'Team Celestron' (Google it) and once your membership has been approved you will have access to the latest beta versions of the firmware. Additionally, you will get access to the discussion forums, where you may find reference to your issue.

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Write down, then double check each bit of data against what is in the scope.

The obvious ones:

Long+Lat in the correct order  - I think Celestron wants Long first.

Longitude: check that there are the correct number of leading 0's - a location of England means no one can give an idea of what you should expect to see, also you can be at a longitude that is + or -  think it may East or West in Celestrons but again no one can help. The buttons are not great and it is easy to set 023 as longitude when you meant 0020 30'

Others, Date, but I would not expect the software to accept a month of value 14, but you never know.

Obvious one here You have used 2015 not 2014 as the year ? Don't think it would (should) make much difference unless it tried to use planets for alignment.

Timezone - go find what is in the scope - not what you entered. Someone about a week back had a problem and the software had a bug and it changed the timezone and I think that was an 8SE, maybe the Starsense has the same bug in it. Firmware upgrade required if it is.

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