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DSLR with 1.25" adaptor


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I have an Orion Shortube 80 currently doing duty as a guide scope for my main apo frac. I've heard some good reports about its abilities as a scope in its own right, and was thinking that for a minimal cost (a 1.25" adapter for my T ring) I could swap the DSLR and guide camera and use the Shortube as a faster (F5), widefield imaging scope.

I realise I'm not going to get the same level of performance as an apo and I was wondering if using a Canon 700D with a 1.25" adapter would work ok, but can't see any reason why not, bearing in mind it doesn't have the full-size sensor of the 7D.

Has anyone been there, done that, and what was the outcome?

It would be a handy inexpensive sidestep in imaging while piling my main cash reserves into a big newt or dob for observing, which is my next project. 



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I've not yet used it for Astro Imaging but I've got it working as an f5 400mm telephoto for daytime use. Which means more use in my case.

See this thread for more info about what I did with the ST80 and 700D Woo hoo ST80 works.

It will never be as good as a dedicated lens, but I don't have that sort of spare cash.

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There are a couple threads I have read and seen images from where the Skywatcher 80mm also known as the ST80 which is identical to the Orion shorttube 80mm has been used for astro imaging it is not an APO but can cut your teeth on it and all the processing skills you n3ed to learn are the same.

My Orion 80mm connects fine to my DSLR 1100d I use from memory a 2" extension tube and take out the diaganol. (I keep it at my Mum's so can't go check).

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