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Sun haze cloud rain sleet & snow - Extreme solar imaging 10th


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What the weatherman would call a 'mixed bag', in other words a bit of everything.  Oh and it is windy as well. 

Anyway a few changeable conditions aren't going to stop a dedicated solar imager who hasn't had his fix for a week, so I set up in the garage, that way I can shut the door when the 'weather' blows through.

A reasonable clear (clear of snow, rain and cloud) window provided white light and then K line, but when I swapped to my Lunt it started to sleet and snow.  I did get another chance later for some full disc Ha (haven't done one of these for ages) and then a 12 pane mosaic (not sure how this will come out, it is still processing).


White light


K Line


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Nice work, Robin. Snow, yikes, much warmer down here.

Most frustrating here, gambled by setting up and wind was okay for the 85mm scope but two directions of clouds gave hardly any proper clear spells! Still, if one or two come out okay, it will have paid offf!

Steve up the ladder hand holding an ED80 in stong wind is a scary thought! :-o

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Thanks guys.

Worried that I might not get 12 panes for a Ha mosaic, I tried a full disc capture with my Lunt 60 DS.  I went off these as the field used to be fairly uneven, but the two I took came out pretty well.  The shading at the bottom has more to do with the haze than the scope and it is a pretty good result.

Lunt 60 DS, 0.5x FR, ASI120MM-S.  1,000 frames.

Quite a bit of activity in Ha.

In the end I did get 12 panes, some of them were re-taken, just processing it now.


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My 12 pane mosaic did come out all right.  All pictures Lunt 60 DS, 1.5x barlow, ASI120MM-S.

Taken through haze and between cloud/sleet/snow.



False Colour


Invert then false colour


I could resist one the panes showing the nice prom.


Not a bad morning's catch.

Completely overcast again now with hints of snow, not much chance for C/Lovejoy tonight.


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