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trouble logging on to flickr


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Scott... Buy a mac :D...

The error is indicating a problem with the certificate date used for the https ssl connection.  If it's really the certifcate at flickr, there isn't really anything you can do about it. You could try a different browser, and you may be able to ignore the expired cert.

I just tried and do not see a problem.

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What browser are you using?

Firefox has become much stricter in validating certificates over the past few versions with almost no method of overriding...I have had to load Opera at work to overcome their obsessive man-in-the-middle certificates.

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Sorry I've not answered this thread for a bit. Just came in from outside (optomistically setting up for tonite) and tried again. It worked. I don't know what was wrong or why i but it's ok now so i'll just keep the fingers crossed.

@John.. I wouldn't know how to clear the cache  :embarassed:  :embarassed:

@Ant..  Yes there was the option to proceed if I went through the advanced route but I was too scared  :laugh:

@Steve.. for the same reasons as my reply to Ant, I'm a chicken

@Stuart.. I use google. many hate it, but I'm just used to it (not great with change. still struggling with win8). 

Anyway it seems I was worried for nothing so once again,, thanks all :D

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