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Lunar / Planetary Camera Set-Up Recommendations Please


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So, as if deep sky imaging wasn't enough of a challenge, I find myself being drawn in to lunar and planetary imaging... My EdgeHD 800 seems to be pretty much perfect for this kind of imaging, my Orion Starshoot on the other hand is very much entry level and I am looking at moving up a rung or two.

The camera that seems to be top of the list for quality versus cost is the ZWO ASI120MM-S USB 3 mono version. Do people concur?

Next, for RGB I will need a filter wheel and filters. The Xagyl 5 position usb wheel, as sold by Ian King Imaging, is the one I am favouring. I would load it with a set of Baader LRGB 1.25" filters.

Does that sound like a good plan and are there any other filters that I should consider adding?

Finally - what do people use to register the individual processed R, G & B images out of AS!2 before combining in Photoshop?

Thank you!

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Hi Gav...being tempted into lunar and planetary eh ;-). Well you know I use the 120mm-s and it is great (seemed a nice match in terms of pixel size aligned to the edge800 focal length etc.....so would recommend it. then you have the Flea cameras (Point grey), think Luc uses one of those. there is a very big however....ZWO are making the ZWO174 series right now (from what I see).....and its performance seems to knock the -s versions down a bit. Think it even has a larger frame size...with talk of up to 164FPS!....so there are things that might be worth waiting for...even if you decide on the 120mm-S, when the new one comes out they may drop the price of these ones (just a thought).

I have just started to look at filters etc. I was brought the ZWO manual 5 position filter wheel to start with, and it seems quite well made. a crisp turning motion with a confident click into place with each position. In terms of filters then Jarrod recommended the Baader set, which do seem good. not sure I need the IR/UV cut as for planetary I was think of using the IR pass for luminance. So will probably go for the RGB and see how I go. not sure I would need the clear filter....

Not sure I can help with the last question, as i am just looking into colour as well ;-)...one last thought though is even with the 800...i am now looking towards perhaps an edge11 or 14 for future use. Aperture fever....does not stop!


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Very interesting Steve, thanks for that. I will investigate the new ZWO offering and try and discover the expected timing of the release. Yes, bigger is better, especially with the planetary goal. This hobby does not have an end point as far as kit desire and spending goes! One day I will be happy that what I have is perfect...

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