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hi all even tho my name has been here for a while i havnt been on here much but would like some advice please.

i have a  skywatcher evostar 909  az3 which i have found to be fine for looking at the moon (fantastic) but would like to get something that will be able to give me more as i am sure you guys here know how basic this is. This has been fine as my starter telescope but really want to be able to see those stars, planets a lot better . can anyone advise me as to what i should be looking at so as i can get the best results my budget will be around £300-£400 and would like to mount an SLR onto it if possible. THANKS

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Need to know the scope a bit more Evostar 909

If it is the Evostar 90, 900mm focal length then it is fairly good for planets, you only have Saturn and Jupiter because getting Mars takes a lot more.

Stars will always be stars - just points.

The Evostar will do M42 well and lots of clusters.

Also good on double stars.

You do not mention eyepieces ??

The EQ2 is too light to take anything bigger, and is likely at or beyond it's sensible limit for the Evostar 90.

If you want to put scope and piggy back or attach a DSLR on then you are looking at an EQ5 and with motors or goto to enable tracking. If you are contemplating a 200P reflector then really an HEQ5

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thanks for the reply tbh the onlything i can make out with ref to which model is  "BK909AZ3" which is on the paperwork i got with it. the eye pieces are 2x  Barlow ,super25 wide angle, and a super10mm with a EQ2 mount its a fine scope but wanted to see a lot more than i can as all i can really see with any definition is the moon but struggle with anything else which is why the wife and i wanted something better as this has really grabbed us 

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