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Where is Lovejoy?


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I located it a few days ago with Sky Safari (free version) on my Android mobile - couldn't see it in Stellarium Mobile.....

It should be to the right of Orion, towards Aldebaran and the Hyades (it passes below and to the right of those I think). Assuming clear skies it's pretty obvious as a bright-centred misty patch in 9×50 finder or bins. Good hunting.

Edit/ bunnygod has it!

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Have any of you comet chasers had any joy tonight?

Yes !

I am amazed, NEye at last !!

Earlier this evening it was quite an easy sweep-up in my 10x50 between bits of cloud.

I usually try to find it that way before (if desperate !) resorting to Stellarium, my kind of way of checking how bright/easy it is.

Then, just now, I went out to see what the sky was like and was surprised to find a really superb sparklingly clear sky in the south with a little haze in the west.

Again with the 10x50 checked out Lovejoy and did a tour of the usual bino objects in the region. I had no plan, didnt expect such a sky after the Wx we have had recently.

Enough time to become dark-adapted and when I went back to Lj., , ,  yes, really really surprised that without the bino and a bit of averted vision there it was !!!

What a difference getting that pesky moon out of the way makes :)

It helps not having any street lights near me as well.

Sorry for rambling - just had to tell someone ! :)

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Hi Ptarmigan

Great news!

Same here, a bit further west than you - the sky cleared around 9, surprisingly good seeing (despite a couple of showers and occasional low cloud).

Comet was higher, further south & west than I'd realised. Really good view in 15x70 binos. almost like a smoky globular cluster at higher powers. Green tinge to it, almost nebulae like, wonderful. If the clouds don't stay away, I look forward to seeing again in 8000 years.

Dark skies to you!

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I look forward to seeing again in 8000 years.

I like that, optimism :) lol.

Yeah, me too, I think I am immortal, , , well so far so good ;)  lol.

Thanks for the report.

Yes, big fuzzy ball in 10x50, I couldnt get any colour though,

I wonder what the sky is like now, a second look, longer dark adapt, who knowws >> whoosh > > >


Grrr, its gorn down behind my trees :( if it aint the moon its summat else !!

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