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Probably should have introduced myself before barging in and posting elsewhere.

I have been coming here a few weeks now checking opinions of users on different scopes and have just signed up today having bought a new scope which arrived today. I started at the cheaper Dobsonians and in the end and I did a giant three week orbit and ended up back with the Skywatcher 8" Dobsonian, which I bought and has arrived today. Unfortunately so did the cloud! 

I also have some 10x50 cheap binoculars and a mid range DSLR (Canon 40D with a decent tripod).

I hope to do some observing before moving onto astrophotography, but having read a lot of info after the last few weeks I will need a lot more money. 

Looking forward to tomorrow night which should be clear skys, fingers crossed.




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Welcome to the forum. Great choice for a telescope. You can move towards the dark side without a lot of cash, but with a great deal of effort and ingenuity. Or start with what you have and try widefield and about 50 free software suites to create a half decent image.

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Hi Mark and welcome to SGL, nice scope the 200mm Dob, enjoy your observing for the meantime. You will need to give imaging a lot of thought, before you venture over to the dark side AP, as deep pockets are a necessary essential, when you take into consideration the acquisition of a decent EQ mount, which will handle the scope, along with other bits and pieces. However, once you are able to find the finances, I am sure you will find it most rewarding  :) 

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