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Hello all. Like a lot of people I received a telescope for Christmas a celestron 130eq My interest was given a boost by a late autumn visit to Keilder observatory. Living in the relatively dark sky light pollution free Northumbrian coast I am looking forward to getting out and finding my way around the scope and the night skies.

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Hi and welcome to the forum. It seems that many people that have recently joined have also received the very same scope, so if you have any difficulties you are certainly in good company. One suggestion I would make for learning the night sky is to download a free piece of planetarium software called "Stellarium". Very popular among many observers here, it is a great tool that will keep you occupied when the clouds come in. It can be easily configured to match your exact viewing location and also has an advance date/time feature which is useful when checking up on when a given target is available above the horizon. One other suggestion might be to take a look at a book entitled "Turn Left at Orion" which details some 100 objects that can be viewed throughout the year. It provides both written and pictorial instructions on how to find the listed items as well as providing some interesting background information too. You can have a look here is you would like to see the general layout. Hope that helps.

Clear skies and hop[e you enjoy your stay here.

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