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Meade 390 90MM Refractor on Equatorial Mount - Used - Good starter scope???

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I am looking at a decent starter scope and stumbled upon a used Meade 390 90MM refractor on an EQ mount. Does anyone have one of these or have experience with them? Its listed for $100 and may be able to negotiate. So long as its in good shape would this be a decent starter scope?

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I'm not that knowledgeable about scope makes, but Meade is supposed to be a good one.

  • What will you want to use the scope for? Observing? Imaging?
  • What make of mount is it, do you know?

See here: http://www.cloudynights.com/topic/395165-meade-390-90mm-refractor-old-or-classic/


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It is supposed to have an EQ mount. I've requested more photos and photos of the tags. Its an F/11 and i've heard with achros you want longer focal length? It may be a little old as I believe Meade renamed the EQ mounted one the 395 and kept the 390 name with the one with an Alt/Az mount. If the optics are good and I can get for $70 may be a decent deal, but I think it may be as old as 1996

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Reviews of the scope seem to be that the optics are good and the tube pretty well made.

Seem the focuser is fair but often off centre, and could need loosening and recentered.

Front lens is in a chunk of aluminium that is threaded into the tube - make sure it is not cross threaded.

Generally the worst bit seems to be the mount, sort of bit lightweight. But that is not exactly uncommon nowadays either. Things haven't changed.

The supplied eyepieces are/were MA's, as you would expect plossl's work better.

Seems that scope is good, mount less so.


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Cannot say, at times people consider it "unstable" if someone is hitting one end with a 2lb club hammer and it moves.

Scope sounds fairly OK so if you are happy with it then get it, see what you think of the mount and get a better one if you want to.

I used one scope on a camera tripod for years and found it did all I wanted, the tripod was nothing special and many would have said it would be totally unusable, but it worked. Sometimes I think the rule is:

If it doesn't give you a hernia carrying it outside it is too lightweight.

No real hard and fast rules I am afraid.

More trial and error.

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