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Waxing Crescent


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Hi all, 

I'm still relatively new at astronomy, I only have a cheap scope I got secondhand as I have little time to actually get out observing. So I have decided to try and focus my time more so I get more out of the time I do have. With that in mind I'm going to start with the moon as it's easy to look at (the spotter on my scope was broken off by previous owner so locating small objects is a mission!)

Is there a list of features to look at during the different phases of the moon, if we start with the waxing crescent what should I look for, specific craters, features etc. Any tips would be great, pics, maps which show what I should be looking for too would be handy.

Many Thanks


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Hi Mike,

To help you identify features The Virtual Moon Atlas is really useful: http://sourceforge.net/projects/virtualmoon/ If you find a feature using the Atlas amongst the information given is the best time to observe.

I find the first post in the Lunar observing section a great help when progressing through the Lunar 100

Good luck.

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