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2 star alignments of EQ5 Goto (Skyscan 3)


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Another newbie question I'm afraid!

Picking up my goto upgrade today (cant wait now for clear skies!!). I've read/watched info on a 2 start alignment and I'm wondering if an illuminated reticle eyepiece is essential/a good idea for undertaking the 2 star alignment process?  Not planning to shoot on the laptop to start with (just via the Canon EOS 6D attached to the scope) so wondering how best to centre the stars?  I understand that one can get additional overlays on the camera (including a diagonal cross) if I upgrade the OS to Magic Latern. Maybe this would then allow a 5x or 10x zoom and use liveview to see if the stars are centred?

Thanks in advance

Skywatcher Explorer 200p

EQ5 Goto

Canon EOS 6D

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I normally align with the eye piece in and using the guide scope.  Then once aligned, switch the eyepiece for my 450d and attach the guide cam. Then using live view focus on the last star I used for alignment, say Vega as it's nice and bright.

Then slew around to my imaging target.

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