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Skywatcher 130p second hand

Mr Frodo 57

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I've been looking at the stars ever since I was a kid and have had a couple of cheapo telescopes in that time and the last cheapo I bought resulted in the purchase of a pair of 7 x 50 binos to scan the sky with.  The view was amazing and they have stayed with me ever since and regularly get taken on holiday especially if there is a chance of clear skies with no light pollution.  The scope eventually ended up in a second hand shop but not after whetting the appetite for a better instrument.

I decided to try and build my own and began to draw up some designs and read some books on grinding mirrors.  Nothing happened.  but I still looked at the skies and waited for meteor showers.

The cheapo refractor came back into use when I built a springfield equatorial mount which taught me the value of such a mount.  This inspired me to try some astro photography and I did end up with some recognisable images of M42 not sharp as the guiding was very approximate.  Again it whetted my appetite for such things but again nothing happened.

Time went by and eventually I came to the conclusion I would have to buy a scope.  I considered the skywatcher 150p dobsonian and even a 200p but the problem with these instruments was they would prove to be difficult to guide for astrophotography and the kit to do so would be expensive.

So I scanned the websites and Skywatcher seemed to be the manufacturer which attracted a lot of praise for it's beginner level scopes.  I also looked at my local Astro soc and found a link to a site advertising second hand kit.

By now I had decided that a Skywatcher Explorer 130pm would do what I wanted and so started to check out places to purchase such a piece of kit.  The second hand kit site turned up trumps when 20 minutes from my home there was someone selling the kit i wanted for £80!  The seller needed the space.  I didn't even bother to haggle, the scope was in good nick with a nice clean mirror and no marks or dinks on the tube, mount or tripod.

I'm still waiting for a really clear night but had a half decent view of M42 in the 20mm ep recently.  Piggybacking my Canon 550 with a 55-250 zoom produced a recognisable image of M42 but my technique will need working on.  

Happy days.

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Welcome to SGL. It sounds like you got a nice bargain there :)

I look forward to seeing your images (please post them in the imaging sections).

Have you managed to get out and see the comet yet (comet lovejoy)? It's well worth the effort in a scope or binos.



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Hi Mr Frodo and welcome to SGL, sounds like you have gained yourself a bargain in the 130pm. Imaging is a whole different ball game and I would recommend you obtain a copy of Steve Richards book : "Making Every Photon Count"  http://www.skyatnightimages.co.uk a most excellent guide and can be found on the shelves of the majority of our forum imagers, enjoy :)

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Hi Mr Frodo and welcome to the forum. Weather is a little bit unpredictable as of late so hopefully you will be able to get outside again soon to continue your observing and improve on your imaging!

Clear skies and hope you enjoy your stay here.

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