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Good day all

I have been using my DSLR for some time now when taking images via the telescope but it is not ideal really and I am keen to move on to the next step. I have been looking at the Imaging Source CCD Camera model: DMK 21AU0.4 AS Mono Camera as it is within budget.

Can anyone tell me a bit more about how you actually use one of these cameras? it is as simple as attaching the DSLR to the telescope? do I absolutely need a guide scope? I have not been using one for the DSLR images. it is on my wish list mind.

Finally, is it a suitable imaging camera for Galaxies, Stars and Nebulae? that is my main target.

Thanks in advance! 


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Hi Chris,

If you plan to image DSOs, then the DMK 21AU0.4 AS Mono Camera is not for you. The DMK 21AU0.4 AS Mono is a high frame rate camera that is best suited to planetary or solar imaging. For DSOs you need to take long exposures and for that you will need a guide scope and therefore also a guide camera.

There will endless replies as to what DSO imaging camera you should or shouldn't go for. A lot will come down to the telescope you plan to use it with, the size of the camera sensor and ultimately how deep your pockets are.

The mount is a very large part of DSO imaging.

For a guide scope you could use a finder/guider (keeps weight down) using a QHY5 camera.

Have a bit of a search in the imaging equipment threads.


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It's a planetary "webcam" with only 640x480 pixels and no cooling. It's made for planets not deepsky.

You could buy it tho for planets and use it as a guidecam with your dslr. What kind of dslr you got?

If you get that cam you have a nice one for planets and you can guide your scope with it (with dslr attached) for deepsky. With PHD it's no problem to guide with that cam.

But I would not recommend using this camera for DS...

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Thank you that's good advice and appreciated. I'll do my research and maybe invest in a larger mount firstly. I want to do it properly after all and I know for a fact my mount only just copes with a camera attached to the telescope as it is.

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I agree with DaveS, I think the best advice anyone could give you at this stage is to read this book :)

Quite so. All sorts of things in imaging are counter intuitive to the point of seeming absurd. You can believe this book entirely.


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