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B-M AR-127L/1200 needs legs

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Being a newbe to this business (birdwatchers= twitchers, stargazers= ???) I am looking at the above (no pun intended) as being my first scope but, working on a tight budget (according to she who holds the purse strings), I now need something to stand it on. Can anyone suggest a decent budget tripod? I have followed a few threads to the gotos etc however I really do not have 700 quid to spend. Is there anything that would suffice around the 2-250 mark?

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Hi and welcome to the forum :smiley:

I used to put my Bresser 127L (which I think is the scope you are referring to) on a Celestron CG5 mount. You can get those or the Skywatcher EQ5, which is nearly the same, for around £150 on the used market or new for £220:


For used equipment the UK Astro Buy & Sell sit is worth exploring:


The above mounts are equivilent to the one that Bresser sell the scope on and will be OK for visual observing but are not heavy duty enough for imaging with that scope.

First Light Optics do have a GOTO EQ5 mount for £448 in their clearance section if you have to have GOTO:


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Great start thank you. I almost feel guilty by spending so little but its like anything, the sky is literally the limit (puns galore at the moment). Is this 127l going to be much help for viewing galaxies and nebs or is it more geared to planetary observing?

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It will show the brighter nebulae and galaxies but it's more of a lunar / planetary / double star scope.

Folks interested in visual observing of deep sky objects such as galaxies, nebulae and clusters often go for a dobsonian mounted newtonian scope as aperture (diameter of the main lens or mirror) counts for everything with such targets. For around £500 you can have 10" of aperture with dobsonian design.

Lots of choices for that sort of budget :smiley:

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Ah decisions decisions. I can start to crawl before running I guess and this 127 sounds like a good start. Need to get the lad properly hooked first so will start with this I think. I then have the leasure of time to save for a larger instrument. I will check out the tripods in the meantime you suggested. many thanks,

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