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Is Logitech 5000 as usable as the 4000?

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Logitech 4000/3000 are your options for CCD. Read that some people use the 210, but again I don't think its as sensitive as the logitech nor can it be LX modded.

If you have a couple of quid spare, you can get decent results with the xbox camera


And I've read that the sony ps3 camera can do 60fps and exposures up to 14s so I've ordered one for £6.50.


And just noticed its dropped 70p since this morning!

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A quick bit of google research suggests the 5000 has a 640x480 CMOS sensor.

Looks similar build to the 4000, so it will probably be ok to mod and put in a 1.25" adapter.

Whether it's worth it is up to you - heavily dependent on you much you can get it for. Look for a 2nd hand Philips SPC880 or SPC900 on eBay/AstroBuySell, or buy an Xbox Live Vision webcam for a few quid.

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Pretty much any webcam will take a 1.25 adapter you get from ebay (apart from the tesco webcam I've read), but with a lot of cmos chips they're pretty rubbish for anything other than the moon.

This one has fitted every webcam I've bought, and the built in filter a lot better than the one built in to the webcam


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