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is this a fair attempt with a phone?...

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Managed to get a few pics of the moon holding my phone up to the eyepiece and then *attempted* to edit them. I done the editing with a free app I found, Jus not sure if I've over done it. There didnt

Yes 9.9999/10

Well done, you have shown what can be done with fairly basic equipment. I keep meaning to have a try with my point and shoot camera but realise this might start me on a slippery slope.

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...but I will be upgrading at some point in the future, hopefully.... :)

...and this is where the slippery slope starts ;) 

On a serious note that really is a cracking effort. I've used much more equipment to get worse results, you should be really chuffed!



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...and this is where the slippery slope starts ;)

On a serious note that really is a cracking effort. I've used much more equipment to get worse results, you should be really chuffed!



Thanks :) yeah I was quite surprised on the outcome, time to start saving, Planetary Next! :D

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      Date: 05/21/2021 Time: 21:19 +03.00 Height: 42 degrees Moon in the constellation Virgo Telescope: Sky-Watcher 150 / 750PDS Camera: ZWO ASI462MC Accessories: Optolong UV / IR Cut Filter 1.25 " Barlow Lens Televue Powermate 3x Mount: Sky-Watcher Heq5 ProSynScan Location: Krasnodar Territory, village Dinskaya, courtyard. 1x10 000 frames Resolution: 1936x1096 Exposure time: 20 ms Gain: 78 49.26 FPS Stacked 250 frames out of 10,000 Software: Shooting in FireCapture Build: Autostackert 3.1.4 Wavelets and deconvolution: AstroSurface Post-processing: Photoshop
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      A mosaïc of two pictures on Clavius.
      When the sky is cooperative we have a lot of fun. But it never lasts long.
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      This is going to seem ridiculous to some but that’s ok. I got my very first telescope just last week and the weather has been absolutely horrible so I’ve only been able to use it twice so far, for about 20 minutes each time.
      I have a simple Celestron TS 70 on an AZ-GTi mount with some better EP’s and a good 90 degree diagonal and a neutral density filter. Keep in mind, I know next to nothing so far about AP so this is INCREDIBLY crude. Taken with an iPhone with an 8mm EP (IIRC) with horrific cloud cover and about 5 seconds to capture it before it was unseen again.
      Forget the quality, the point is it gave me confidence to keep going with this hobby for the long term. Thanks for reading.

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