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Dont like them clouds hovering about.....

But when it gets dark the clouds usually clear then you can see something like this :grin:


BTW it looks much better  full-size as a 16bit image.



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Hi All.safely back home,very windy last night but a brilliant clear sky early on pity i was to tired to get out a camera! Thank you to all who attended this years event, i know everyone enjoyed themse

Will be booking up Thurs, - Sunday,  This is "THE" place to be for very dark  skies, banter and Whisky !  Very friendly bunch of people.

Posted Images

Nice image Andy,was that image from your recent stay in Galloway.

Any capture details!.


Captured on the last night of the stay. They sky was variable as some  of Adrian's clouds kept popping back to spoil the view. 

Scope was AG12 with SBIG 8300M and SBIG filter wheel with Astrodon LRGB  filters mounted on an EQ6.

Guiding was from a Lodestar in a Starlight Xpress large OAG.

Software was EQMOD, PHD v2 and Nebulosity v3.  Processing was DSS v3.34 then Photoshop CS2.  Tried CS6 but could not get the same results :sad:

All subs were 300secs. will have to check back with how many subs made it through to the image. I started off with 25 of each but as guiding failed after about 5 hours a lot went into the bin.

There were no flats as my light panel was too bright.

I am slowly working my way through Ron Wodaski's Zone system so I have only applied levels and the first basic adjustment curve.  Lots lots more still to read and apply :laugh: but at least I have some data to play with.  LRGB combination came from an SGL thread and Steve Richard's  Making Every Photon Count.


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Hi Kenny, Mike and early arrivees,

I am planning on arriving on Sunday 8th November. Hope to leave home around 07:00am and arrive at Kirkinner around 14:00pm.

Tent will need putting up.

Trust the weather will be brilliant.

See you there...



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Just a warning, on the 13th my dad and I will be arriving around 9pm as I'll be coming straight from school, we'll try not to blind you guys with the car headlights However we'll only be going weather dependent, could you guys update this thread with what the weather is like whilst you're there please, thanks!

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Hi Dom,will be keeping the event up todate on a daily basis,when you reach the farm track and turn on to the long straight after the farmyard you will be able to drive the last half mile on dipped or if its a really clear night sidelights,we will help you on to the pitches when you arrive.

Looking forward to meeting you and your dad,



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