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Up until 3am processing, then struggle to get up for the Sun! Jan 4th


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Last night I was imaging Comet Lovejoy, and then had to try a quick process when I packed up. That lasted until 3am!! So with a clear forecast for this morning, I dragged myself out of bed and set up for some solar. With a slight slowing of the Jetstream according to the forecast, I was hopeful I might get a better test of my Solar Continuum filter.

Seeing was poor to start with, and I began with a full disc shot. D50 DSLR. 69 images stacked out of 200 taken, 1/1250th second, ISO 200 through the 200PDS scope with a 95mm aperture off axis Baader ND5 Solar Filter.


Sunspots close up next. In variable seeing. Images with the 200PDS scope, ASI120MM camera, Baader ND5 Solar Filter, Baader Solar Continuum Filter, UV/IR Block Filter, 20% of 6000 frames stacked in Autostakkert, Wavelets in Registax v5.1, final crop and colourization in GIMP. This morning, the seeing was poor to start with, then began to vary wildly. It was showing brief moments of what looked to be quite good, and then returning to what looked like a very out of focus image!

Sunspot AR2253 this morning


Sunspot AR2255


Sunspot AR2251, AR2252 & AR2254


I'm looking forwards to having some good seeing; eventually!

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Thanks all. I obviously caught AR2253 in a brief period of good seeing compared to the rest. I've also just finished a new solar filter yesterday. This is the old one. When I started out, a number of sources said to make an off axis filter to avoid the spider and because there wasn't much point going bigger than 100mm in UK daytime seeing. This of course limits the aperture and places the image onto the mirror where more coma is evident.


The new filter is 190mm diameter, as big as I could go from an A4 sheet of Baader film. This will hopefully increase resolution for close ups, and perhaps allow more barlowing. The smaller filter is for my 80ED. I'll piggyback both scopes for eclipses and the Mercury transit, to allow full disc and close ups without having to swap cameras and refocus.


I'd appreciate it if the weather gods/weather men or anyone for that matter, could give me one day of nice steady seeing to test gear under good conditions.

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