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MSS found! The Reasons for this Moon/Clouds Thing...

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Stop Press: tattered manuscript found nr Greenwich Observatory...

".....Perplexed by this seeming inability of clouds to hang around when the Moon gets to polishing up his mirrors each month, I have been doing some extensive Research and Consultations with Ye Olde Bookes & Diverse Mappes for the last ten minutes or so....

These are my thoughts and findings as to the nature of this phenoma:

1. Clouds fear the Moon's Baleful Stare - like all bullies, they're scaredy cats at heart

2. The Cloud Pixies have A Pact with the Werewolf League to draw back each month to the benefit of their doggy friends

3. The Moon is a Transpositional Rift Gravity Generator that, at it's fullest opening (shiny), siphons all the clouds everywhere to new and precise points within the Universe. They (clouds) become, in fact, Nebulas and other Fuzzy Grey Things. When the TRGG is closed (dark), new clouds grow back....Needless to say, this Explains A Lot.

4. Polly turns the kettle off, phew

5. None of the above: it's just Witchcraft.

I will of course make a full and annotated report for the Scientific Press, as soon, grrr, as I can get my, nnnn, straitjacket unbuttoned....

Eh? Who are you calling a Lunatick?!? I'll have you know I........."

Manuscript ends at this point. Author unknown and most likely restrained within Her Majesty's Pleasures.

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