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Greetings From Wiltshire

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Hi to all SGL.

I find myself with the time to look skyward again and after some wonderfully clear nights recently with my old scope (70/700 Bresser skylux) I found myself wanting something bigger.

During my hunt for something new I found myself time and time again on the SGL pages so thought I'd best sign up, so much good advice on here.

What do intend to buy? The SW Explorer 130P caught my eye but then I thought why not up it a bit and go for a 150PL either way go for a GOTO mount.

What I want to see is good detail in the planets, nebulas that make my knees go weak and even try some astro photography.

Here's to clear nights.


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Hi Ian welcome to SGL , the scopes you mention will give you some good views of the planets and the moon, nebula will be another thing but you will have nice views of the Orion nebula.

Just for you to think about - consider a 200p Dob, great value for money and with readily available planitarium software will assist in finding your way arround.

Just food for thought. Goto can sometimes cause frustration .

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Hi Ian and welcome to the forum. Just picking up on keith's comment above, I too would recommend the Skywatcher 200P dobsonian scope as great value for money. Now GOTO is great and you certainly can potentially spend more time observing rather than finding an object, especially when the clouds keep popping up spoiling the view. However, just because the database can locate some 15,000 objects doesn't mean that you will be able to see them all and for that to happen you need aperture, something like 8" which is what the 200P has.

Here's a thought, why not get the 200P for now and enjoy the views, especially with the help of a book entitled "Turn Left at Orion" which lists some 100 objects that are categorised seasonally and are straightforward to find given the book's written and pictorial instructions. You can take a look here to see what the page layout is like. Then if you find yourself wanting to get into astronomy a bit more then you can invest in a GOTO mount,  detach the 200P from its dobsonian mount and with some scope rings then attach it to your new mount. Rgar way you have a great scope on a great mount. You mention imaging in your comments, look what this member (Bigfoot 9907) has achieved using the very setup I have suggested above. Certainly food for thought! :grin:

Clear skies and hope you enjoy your stay here.

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Hi and thanks for all the advice, Turn left at orion is a great book, bought one many moons back . Like the idea of the 200P although at the moment not really able to accommodate a Dobsonian mount at this time. 

The 150P is looking favourite.

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Hi Ian and a warm welcome to SGL.  I see you're thinking about a Skywatcher, it's a good choice and it's what I use for Astrophotography. have a look at my gallery to see what you can achieve with it.

Happy Stargazing and enjoy your Astro journey.  :smiley:

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Hi Ian and welcome to SGL, if you have to go with the 150 then so be it, it will certainly be a step up on the 130, but nowhere in the realm of the 200P. I should certainly give some serious consideration to see if you can accommodate it, especially with AP in mind. Enjoy :)

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