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Deep sky imaging showcase 2014

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Please use this thread to showcase your best images captured during 2014. Just one post per member but you can include up to 5 images if you want.

The thread is for all imagers novices and advanced. 

Please keep details to a minimum - scope and camera possibly along with a few comments.

The thread needs to be packed with images so please don't respond to the postings 

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Very little to pick from last year - but some of my better efforts anyway:

NGC2264 Christmas Tree Cluster, 2x 600s, 150mm F2.9 GSO Imaging Newtonian, Fuji DSLR @ ISO1000


M45 Pleiades, 1x 600s, 150mm F2.9 GSO Imaging Newtonian, Fuji DSLR @ ISO1000


NGC7000 Cygnus, 1x 159s, 150mm F2.9 GSO Imaging Newtonian, Fuji DSLR @ ISO3200


M42 Orion, M42 300/180/60/30/10s, 300mm F4 GSO Imaging Newtonian, Fuji DSLR @ ISO1000


Sadr region, Cygnus 7x 180s, Sigma 300mm F2.8 Lens, Fuji S5 DSLR @ ISO1000, unguided


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My only 2 images of 2014 using my C11xlt are.

post-11370-0-89321400-1420298525_thumb.p M82 The cigar galaxy.

post-11370-0-57785800-1420298868_thumb.p  M76 The little dumbbell nebula.

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My selection of 5 best images for 2014:

Rosette Nebula - bicolour  narrowband - taken from SE London - published on front cover of Astronomy Now November 2014

WOZS71 & Atik383L


M51 Whirlpool Galaxy

(taken from a campsite in Sussex LRGB

ED120 and Atik314L


Eastern Veil Nebula (Close up), bicolour narrowband taken from my home in SE London

ED120 and Atik314L


M27 Dumbbell Nebula with outer skirt

Ha taken at kelling Hetah star Party Sept 2014

Ha,Oiii, RGB

ED120 and Atik314L


Crescent Nebula NGC6888 Oiii taken at Kelling Heath Star Party September 2014, Ha taken from SE London

ED120 and Atik314L


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2014: Year of the small Newt (130pds)

Had to have a little think about what to use, hopefully ive picked the right ones   :)

Atik 383L+ used for all pics.

Heart Nebula:


Pelican and North American Nebula:


Heart and Soul mosaic (10 panes):




IC1396 Mosaic (4 panes)


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I didn't get upto much last year but after a dig found a few to post.

Moravian G2 8300 and camera lenses with Astrodon 5nm filters.

My usual wide views :)






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wow some really great images there.

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all taken from mid September 2014 with my shiny new ATIK 383l+

NGC 281


IC 1396


ic 5070


M42 & the running man 


Rosette nebula 


getting there and still having fun  :smiley:

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Hello World :)

As a novice to the sport, 2014 was my first year in, so I have started with a very budget kit. 

These are shown on the bottom of each image. 

General kit bag consists of a 127MAK reduced to F6.7 and a 80ED reduced to F4.5.

These light scopes give me a range from 360mm FL through to 1200mm FL. 

I run these on a old EQ5Pro via trusty EQMOD, which is corrected by a 50mm Finder guider and a QHY5ii.

My aspirations for this year ... still in new years resolution mode ... is to get a mono CCD. 

(Yes I know a CCD cost more than all my kit put together, but to progress it must be done.)

Here are my best efforts (Click on image to see full screen), counting down,

Entry number No 5:


Western Veil (N6960) - Sep 2014 

This was the most frustrating of images, which I spent days gathering and weeks processing and it still fuzzy and lacking in detail!

Entry number No 4:

Hercules Globular Cluster (M13) - Jul 2014
This was such a awesome picture, I did it on a whim, with only 35min of data and it kicks the lama's @ss.
Entry number No 3:
Leo Triplet Galaxies (M66) - May 2014
This image was a real labour of love (over 7 hours), which I printed and stuck up on the fridge, it my favorite, but not my best.
Entry number No 2:
North America Nebula (N7000) - Jul 2014
This surprise entry was taken on a hot summers night, without evening knowing if I was on the right place. 
When I first processed this image i almost fell off my chair, as it was by pure accident that it has turned out this well.
And the Winner is:
Andromeda Galaxy (M31) - Aug 2014
Every amateurs, test of finesse, the crux of DSLR and the object that some people obsessively pursue.
This was meticulously planned for the right weather window and seeing and in my opinion the best executed of the bunch. 
Thank you for looking and see you all next year with better images. 
Dark Skies
Edited by Christopher Davenport
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I joined the AP in the end of last year. What a great hobby!
Exposure data: 8" F5 Newtonian by GSO, Orion Starshoot Autoguider, Skywatcher EQ6, Nikon D800, 1.8h total exposure time


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Mostly mosaics for me. TEC 140, 2 panel, with Paul Kummer.


Also with Paul, a much wider FOV to include the Squid using the dual Taks.


Also with the Taks and with Tom and Yves, VdB14 and 15 to the Soul, 6 panel.


And then two attempts to go deep with the dual Taks.




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Always tough to take the stage after an act like Olly Penrice, but somebody has to do it so here goes...

2014 was a very enjoyable year for my imaging development and saw many additions and changes to the kit list.

It started off with a recently modified DSLR and M42 - The Orion Nebula:


I needed to get longer for The Spring Galaxy Season, so treated myself to a Celestron EdgeHD 800 and managed this of M51 - The Whirlpool Galaxy:


Fed up with the noise generated by the DSLR, but loving the whole astrophotography journey, I scraped together everything I had and purchased a QSI 683-WSG CCD. The absolute best move ever. Here is my first light with the new camera, NGC7000 - The North America Nebula:


The CCD was just a pure joy to use and I was awarded Photo Of The Month in December's edition of The Sky At Night Magazine for my image of M31 - The Andromeda Galaxy:


The final challenge of 2014 - a two panel mosaic of IC1805 - The Heart Nebula. This image appeared in December's episode of The Sky At Night:


2015 is going well so far, despite the very rare clear and dark nights.

Clear skies to you all!

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Just two from me, and not in the same league as other's

First off M27, the dumbbell in HOO, my first real DSO with the NB filters and CCD


And my "bogey" object, NGC 281, the pacman also in HOO


Both with the Megrez 90 at its native 621 mm through Baader NB

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Only started in 2014, but here are my best, from the later months unsurprisingly. All with modded Canon 450D though an ED80 with 10 min subs, most over 3 hours worth.


Double Cluster:


and Andromeda:


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Another incredibly tough act to follow, Sara! Here are my best images from my first year of imaging. Captured using QSI583WSG, WO Star71/Megrez72.

Crescent Nebula mosaic, a work in progress I hope to spread out to 30+ panes.


Rosette Nebula


Jellyfish Nebula


Horsehead and flame Nebulae


Heart Nebula



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Easter last year I purchased my first telescope since I was by boy and I have spent the year learning to take and process deep sky images.

These are the five images I am most happy with from last year.

Waxing Moon

Waxing Moon

Helix Nebula

Helix Nebula

Triffid Nebula

Triffid Nebula

Lagoon Nebula


Alnitak plus Flame and Horse-head Nebulae

Alnitak plus Flame & Horse-head Nebula

There is so much to learn and perfect and the good people of this site have been wonderful with their advice and feedback. This year I hope to reliably capture images upto 8 minutes long with well formed stars, learn how to produce attractive merged images of multiple exposure durations and finally put all that together late in 2015 with a nice multi-frame mosaic of Orion.

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M33 (Hydrogen Alpha)




NGC 1333




NGC 6888




M52 and a Bubble





All shot with a Canon 600Da, Altair Astro 115EDT on a NEQ6. Lets see what 2015 will produce now that i have moved to CCD!


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It was only toward the end of 2014 when I became successful with my tracking and autoguiding setup so there are not too many good images from 2014... these are the best I got in 2014.






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