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London Stargazing group organiser binocular-guy (soon to be telescopian too) finally signed up

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I've been a lurker for a few years, and just joined properly to make some posts and take more complete part in the community. I live in London and already engage with other astronomers there, putting up with the light pollution but also showing people that you can actually see stuff from one of the most light-polluted zones in the UK, especially if you find a big common or park.

Am on the facebook Telescope Addicts group, the Baker Street Irregulars (thats what helped me get into astronomy more regularly) and attend their (irregular) Regents Park meets as often as I can; I also attempt to occasionally get a group together from around South West London to meet up in my area (zone 3 -ish) so I don't have to worry so much doing it alone late at night in dark places, oh and to learn more and share views. That one is at http://meetup.com/swl-stargazers - I also cross-post the BSIA meets there.

All those groups have really helped me get some great views of the cosmos, both far and near, via borrowing light from others' scopes at group sessions, and learning what to point my (decent 15x70) binoculars at. A tripod + my bins + shared scope time of others has kept me pretty happy for a few years, but I'm on the way to sorting out a small portable scope I can take out with me for planetary stuff (portability being top requirement, a small Mak is in the plans) - all the experience is really helping. Just don't have storage or places I can use near the house except in extremely limited situations, so almost any viewing at all requires a >=10min walk and/or public transport of various forms or friendly people with cars (doesn't happen so often). Portability, as I said.. Happy with my bins/borrowed scope minutes for clusters, faint fuzzies until I can reduce that requirement 'cos a 6" reflector plus solid enough mount to be worth it is more than I want to carry every time.

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Hi and welcome to S G L

L P can be frustrating at times, but I enjoy the challenge, I live

near to Liverpool, but I still get to observe lot's of great targets.

Good Luck and Clear Sky's

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Hi mate and welcome to sgl. If you happen to run into swamp thing on your travels, report him to SGL admin....Rumor has it his 20" dobb is hovering up all the photons in the greater London area leaving nothing left for others :D. Enjoy your time at SGL and we look forward to your observation reports :)

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I am in hampton.... Add me in if you are in the area. There are a few of us who use bushy park. If the 20" could Hoover up only the light pollution it would be good. Having seen some "faint stuff" with my light pollution I can vouch that there are plenty left! I am hoping for some councils to turn stuff off after midnight... Could be good, bet they won't though.



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Thanks all very much for the warm welcomes! Happy new year to you all too! 

 @auspom - lol :)

 @swamp thing - very impressive. Biggest I've ever seen through is a local home-made 16" dob. Give us back those photons! Presume you've been out recently, as I can't see anything left out there tonight (just grey stuff most people confuse with clouds!). :D Hope you get to enjoy it again soon, we've had some great viewing earlier this week.

@PeterW - You are welcome to join us if you're up for viewing any of the events I plan, you can join at meetup website yourself to get notifications or just keep an eye on it manually. Have focussed around Streatham, Tooting, Wimbledon commons so far. I wish Richmond park was accessible at night, but no. Other suggestions welcome.

Clear skies,


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