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Tripod for Celestron SkyMaster 25x70 binocualrs


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Hi, just after some advice on what tripod to get for stargazing with these binoculars. They include a tripod adapter.

I've seen some that extend to around 5ft for around £50 at Currys, but no idea if these are suitable for stargazing.  I have a large tripod for my 8" reflector, and that's about all I know about tripods!

I imagine I want something that's a trade between light weight for portability, and sturdiness for stability.



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Hi, I purchased a pair of these binos and yes I soon found that I needed a tripod.

Just to try one out without spending a fortune I thought I'd have a go at adapting the tripod I had with my first scope (a Celestron 114 Powerseeker). I removed the mount and bought a small ball head tripod camera mount (Eggsnow) that I could fix to the tripod with a long 1/4" bolt , washers and a wing nut. It bolts straight on to the tripod adaptor that comes with the binos.

I also replaced the tripod accessory tray with three small lengths of chain, linked at the centre, to make the tripod readily collapsible for portability.

It's not too bad as a first attempt but a bigger ball head would be better- the screw clamp isn't quite big enough to ensure that the binos don't drift down when at a high angle. I also found that I needed a small stool to save my neck /back - I guess there's a trade off here with a suitably high tripod and stability.

So, I think that my trial showed me that the binos were worth purchasing and that a better tripod is worth getting- however I'm still looking too. I looked at some in Currys and with my fairly limited knowledge of tripods it seemed that some were reasonable for the money with good control available on pan and tilt.

I hope someone can provide you ( and me ) with suggestions.



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I have both 15x70's and 25x100's.

I bought the tripod shown in this link. Very solid and works well. With the centre pole even when jacked up to full height it is still very stable. http://www.tringastro.co.uk/horizon-8115-tripod-2859-p.asp

You could also use a monopod and pitsol grip combo the the 25x70's. For high angles best used sitting down. I bought a 7Day monopod which is well designed and thick plus a grip off Amazon.



The Binocular Sky website has a maintenance guide for the pistol grip.

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Thanks for the links. The tripod does look very solid and definitely much better than the experimental lash-up that I tried.

The monopod is currently out of stock on Amazon but I think that I will investigate that option further too.


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