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Orion and Running Man.... My journey

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I've finally taken delivery of my new William Optics 81GT however I do need to purchase a field flattener. My journey through astro photograph has been stressful but I like to think I'm getting there. I've never photographed before and I believe I've jumped straight into the deep end with this hobby..... maybe I should have started off with sunsets.... Anyway I started off with my first telescope 6 months ago which was a Nexstar 6SE, moved to Celestron 8" HD and now I'm photographing through my first refractor which is the William Optics 81mm and will not turn back! 
My next plan is to do even better with Orion and I'm already planning my plan of attack!

Image was taken with my Nikon D610 and William Optics 81 GT. Field Flattener is needed and it's still a bit noisy but if you have a look at my previous attempts with the other scopes, this is a huge improvement. I hope you like! Also any advice to perfect my photographs would be great... As it's these words of advice that's got me to this image today and I thank everyone for that.


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Very nice Steve. You could get rid of some of the noise in the background using the Gaussian Blur tool in Photoshop, but you would first need to  isolate the nebula and stars so as not to include them using masks. Hope this helps.   :smiley:

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Looks great. How many subs, ISO etc?


I should really start writing all this stuff down. From memory it was an ISO of 1600 with 90 second exposures. Approx 50 light frames and 50 dark frames to produce that image

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